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American heroes are such an essential part of our country, and they are the reason we are free today. When I think about American heroes, a story my grandmother told me comes to mind. There was this one occasion when I was visiting both my grandparents that I ran into a box with undiscovered treasures inside. When opening the box, I saw some medals, and not just any medals, to my amazement they were military medals. I ran over to my grandmother to ask her about the meaning of these medals I found.

The story goes: My father was in the military, serving as a Navy hospital corpsman. He was deployed to defend our democratic ideals in the Korean War and was attached to a Marine tank battalion. During one of the battles, one of the tanks came under heavy fire and was damaged severely. My father was quick to react and wanted to save his fellow service members who were trapped in the hatch. There was an explosion and my father received a traumatic brain injury. Because of the courage he had displayed in the line of duty, he was awarded a Purple Heart medal for his injuries and the Bronze Star for uncommon valor and bravery. My father was sent home for treatment of his injuries and he underwent experimental brain surgery, which was in its infancy in the 50s lowering his chances for survival.

My father had an incredible impact on the lives of myself, my family members, and others. In his honor, I decided to create a foundation where we help veterans and refugees continue the healing process in their own homes and providing housing for those who need it during their recovery.

- William Bunch, Executive Director

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